We maintain outstanding game bird cover at our club. When you bring your dog we have varied kinds and types of cover to match the season and your dog’s ability level. If you have a young dog { upland or waterfowl} we can place them in shorter and lighter cover which allows your dog the maximum opportunity to locate the birds. If your dog is more experienced we have food plots that offer some of the most exciting flushes you will ever experience.

I offer a dog training membership that allows you to come and train your dog in realist hunting conditions that will let your dog reach their full potential. If your dog is experienced, one of our hunting memberships will keep your dog in birds for seven months during the year. That is a great way you keep your dog in top hunting form.

I specialize in introducing young dogs to both birds and gunfire. Contact me about details on this training package.

Bring both your Upland or Waterfowl dog to the club to get them in birds to tume them up for the season.

I raise and sell English Labs. Our pups are raised from top Imported English and Irish flushing Labrador retrievers. These dogs have been bred for centuries to hunt and retrieve game birds. Come join us for a guided hunt and you will experience some of the finest dog work.

I also offer started dogs. Give me a call if you are looking for an outstanding English Labrador pup or started dog.

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