Hunting Packages

Membership Options

If you and your hunting buddies like to hunt several times a year, my membership options will save you money and put extra birds in your game vest. I offer a great club to get either your upland or waterfowl dogs into lots of birds. This extra bird work for both you and your dog will give you both a chance to hunt and harvest  lots of birds!

Membership Fees (Memberships are valid 1 year from date of purchase.)

Any  individual or family member pays $80 per hunt and can select the bird package of their choice.   Member Bird Packages include:

  • 4 released pheasants or
  • released Redleg/chukar
  • Additional released Pheasants ($20), Redleg {$18}
  • Scratch Birds for members and guests… Pheasants or Redleg/Chukar…$15 /bird
  • Guests of members are always welcome. Guests of members pay a $15 fee plus the bird fee for each hunt. This saves each guest $25 when they hunt with a member.

Bird cleaning is free for members and guests and available for non-members for a small fee:

  • Pheasant and Chukar $2.00 – Non Member fee
Individual or Family (family must live in the same household)                         
Individual (Week Day only) If you can hunt during the week and use your dog this membership will save you money!  $200. This membership is discounted for persons who can hunt during weekdays.
Corporate $2500. (Includes 50 Pheasants and no guest fees)
Hunting Buddy (up to 3 Buddies) Additional buddies pay $200 each.  $600.

Non-Member Daily Hunting Fees…You must bring your own dog(s) for this hunt.

½ Day Dog Owner Hunt Includes: 4 released pheasants or 5 released Redleg/Chukar per hunt.

$120 per gun with a 2 gun min.  Additional Pheasants $30 Redleg Chukar  $25 each

 I offer clean up hunts every Thursday afternoon for dog owners. The fee is $30 per hunter plus $15 per Pheasant or Redleg partridge bagged. I have a two person minimum per hunt. Call to schedule your hunt.
Scratch Birds for daily fee hunters – Pheasants and Redleg/chukar $20 each

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